Motivated by the beauty of the fleeting moment, I aspire to
capture the essence of my experiences and ideas in an art
form that evokes emotion.

Affection for elegance in design, architecture,
nature andcommunity fuels my passion to create.
A student of Emily Carr University of Art and Design,
I am pursuing my personal legend in the direction of
Industrial Design. Earning a bachelor degree in
Sciences from the University of Manitoba has taught me
discipline and planted the seed for the ceaseless
endeavour of knowledge.

My strengths are optimism, creative problem solving,
meticulous attention to detail, figure and technical
drawing,furniture design and sustainable practices.
I have working knowledge of various tools and mediums
allowing each to become an extension of sight and hand.

I believe that artists have an imperative role to play in their
communities, art is a measure of society’s cultural values and
traditions, it is not only a reflection of the artist, art is
a record of history for which humanity will be deliberated for
future generations.

artist statement
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